Broughton-Blayney Brawny


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Broughton-Blayney Brawny

There is no text information for this aircraft at the moment.

Brian Bacon, e-mail, 02.02.2015 02:29

Email address is


Brian Bacon, e-mail, 02.02.2015 02:26

Hello Graham,
Note your interest in Brawney G-AENM which your Uncle Alex purchased in March 1936. I have a lot of interesting inf & photos which I will be pleased to share with you so get back to me asap.
Regards Brian


Graham, e-mail, 31.12.2014 22:32

I would like to email Brian Bacon if he is contactable, as my uncle Alec Scaife was also killed in a similar Brawney aircraft


Brian Bacon, e-mail, 17.08.2010 04:42

This is the second of 3 Brawneys. Seated in the cockpit is my late father Alfred Bacon. While in flight from Hanworth to Ramsgate on 6th June 1937 the oil pipe burst & the engine seized. Aircraft stalled & crashed into a cemetery at Bromley Hill resulting in his death.


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