Britten-Norman BN-2A Mk III Trislander


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Britten-Norman BN-2A Mk III Trislander

Perhaps the most distinctive variation on the successful Islander theme was the BN-2A Mk III Trislander. Flown for the first time on 11 September 1970, this had a lengthened fuselage with capacity for up to 17 passengers and also featured a third engine mounted in a much modified tail unit assembly. Production was launched not long after and 12 were subsequently built in the USA by the International Aviation Corp as the Tri-Commutair Other versions were the increased MTOW BN-2A Mk III-1, long nosed Mk III-2 and auto-feather-equipped Mk III-3. The last of 73 UK-built aircraft was delivered in September 1984.

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Britten-Norman BN-2A Mk III Trislander

maurice dyer, e-mail, 27.07.2011 11:20

Happy days, happy days.


John Sutton, e-mail, 13.10.2010 14:35

I was on an airborne safari in Africa with my friend Mike Hudson in 2001 and we had landed at an airstrip on lake Kariba. In the morning we found his aircraft, a Beech Baron, had got stuck in the mud as it had rained overnight. We were trying to decide what to do when I heard another aircraft approaching and although I could not see it I said to Mike "that sounds like a Tri-islander" and sure enough it was. The pilot was a bit "toffee nosed" and refused to help us un-stick our Beech Baron. Anyway it was all recorded on "The Real Holiday Show" with Davina McCall.


Bob Leonard, e-mail, 19.08.2010 00:59

I first flew the Trislander on a Demo Flight during the early 1970's. (We had a couple of BN-2 Islanders at that time)
In the mid 1990's I again flew the aircraft for a total of 7 hours or so. There is an outside rear-view mirror placed so the pilot can watch the start of the third engine on the tail. Don't watch too close as the shaking of the engine and tail during start-up and shut-down will make you wonder why you are flying this aircraft. Saying that, I always felt that both the BN-2 & BN-2A were excellent money-makers for those charter companies which used them.


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