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Bristol T.T.A

Designed by Frank Barnwell assisted by Leslie G Frise, the T.T.A. (Twin Tractor Model A) was intended to meet a requirement for a two-seat twin-engined local defence fighter, the gunner in the nose having an unobstructed field of fire for two free-mounted 7.7mm Lewis guns. Dual controls were fitted and the intended power plant comprised two 150hp R.A.F.4a engines. In the event, non-availability of these engines resulted in the installation of two 120hp six-cylinder Beardmore water-cooled engines in the two prototypes ordered. The first T.T.A. was flown in April 1916, but displayed poor lateral control and was adversely criticised on the grounds of poor pilot view. As by this time synchronising mechanisms for guns were becoming available, no further development of this category of aircraft was pursued.

Bristol T.T.AA three-view drawing (800 x 596)

  Take-off weight2313 kg5099 lb
  Empty weight1733 kg3821 lb
  Wingspan16.30 m54 ft 6 in
  Length11.94 m39 ft 2 in
  Height3.81 m13 ft 6 in
  Wing area75.90 m2816.98 sq ft

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