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Bristol Pullman

An unsuccessful contender for a 1917 large bomber requirement, the Bristol Braemar triplane formed the basis of the Pullman, an equally unwanted airliner with a large cabin and enclosed cockpit. The Pullman's crew distrusted this feature and took to carrying axes with which to hack their way out in an emergency.


The Pullman's engines were installed in the fuselage and ran the propellers by cables and pulleys. This proved its undoing as the gear system was unworkable.

The two Braemars had an open cockpit and gun position in the nose, but the Pullman had a cabin with wraparound windscreens. The RAF test pilots who flew it much preferred the original layout.

The interior of the Pullman was fitted out like a first-class railway coach, but it never carried a paying passenger.

Pullman 14A three-view drawing of Pullman 14 (800 x 712)

 MODELBristol Pullman
 ENGINE4 x 400hp Liberty 12 inline piston engines
  Take-off weight8059 kg17767 lb
  Empty weight4994 kg11010 lb
  Wingspan24.89 m82 ft 8 in
  Length15.85 m52 ft 0 in
  Height6.10 m20 ft 0 in
  Wing area176.98 m21905.00 sq ft
  Max. speed217 km/h135 mph
  Ceiling4572 m15000 ft

Bristol Pullman

Barry, 12.03.2013 13:51

You have your wires crossed regarding the Pullman and the incredibly unfeasable Bristol Tramp. The top photograph shows the Tramp which featured an internal coal fired steam engine which was supposed to drive the wing mounted propellors by, what was to become highly ineffective, wheels and pulleys. The lower photograph does show the Pullman which was a more straight forward conversion of the Braemar.However, as rightly noted none of these three aeroplanes can claim any success.


Terrence I. Murphy, e-mail, 08.02.2012 22:30

If I had lived in those days, I wouldn't have flown in some of those early flying death traps, even with an axe!


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