Bristol Prier


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Bristol Prier

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Bristol Prier

 MODELPrier P-1
 ENGINE1 x 50hp Gnome
  Take-off weight372 kg820 lb
  Empty weight291 kg642 lb
  Wingspan9.19 m30 ft 2 in
  Length7.47 m25 ft 6 in
  Height2.97 m10 ft 9 in
  Wing area15.42 m2165.98 sq ft
  Max. speed109 km/h68 mph

Bristol PrierA three-view drawing (800 x 563)

Barry, 20.06.2016 14:39

On the departure to Vickers of the incumbent designers George Challenger and Archibald Low, the British & Colonial Aeroplane Company (aka Bristol) acquired the services of Pierre Prier from the Bleriot School at Hendon. The aircraft was offered in both single seat and two seat variants, some of which had side by side seating. Built mainly for private use some were used militarily, No 12 squadron R.F.C. took delivery of an example and so did the Turkish Army and a two seater was bought by the Bulgarian government which was used in the Balkan War. Some 34 were produced in total.


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