Bristol Boarhound


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Bristol Boarhound

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Bristol Boarhound

 ENGINE1 x 400hp Bristol Jupiter IV
  Take-off weight1828 kg4030 lb
  Empty weight1165 kg2568 lb
  Wingspan13.64 m45 ft 9 in
  Length9.60 m32 ft 6 in
  Height3.56 m12 ft 8 in
  Wing area43.11 m2464.03 sq ft
  Max. speed206 km/h128 mph
  Ceiling7193 m23600 ft
 ARMAMENT2 x 7.7mm machine-guns, 2 x 50kg bombs

Boarhound II Type 93BA three-view drawing of Boarhound II Type 93B (900 x 668)

Barry, 11.11.2015 18:06

Yes Armando two Boarhound II's were sold to Mexico in 1928 and apparently gave good service. In fact your great great grandfather was, I believe, Alfonso Cruz Rivera and was known as a "legend" along with Pablo Sidar.
There was only one Boarhound I manufactured, which had an innovative form of metal construction which gave a strong light weight end article. This aircraft was married to a Bristol Jupiter IV with variable timing which was not the best for any army co-operation plane. In a fly off which included the Vickers Vespa and De Havilland Hyena the Boarhound came second to the winning A.W. Atlas.
A subsequent development was the the Type 9A Beaver which Bristol looked to replace the DH9 but this was beaten by the superior Fairey III.
The last of the Barnwell designs were the Type 93B Boarhound II, which as noted above went on to serve in Mexico.


Armando Cruz, e-mail, 08.08.2008 03:19

My gray grand father flew this aircraft in Mexico in 1929, as far as I can read it was a great airplane. I have some pictures of it and I am really proud of it.



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