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Bristol Babe

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Babe IA three-view drawing of Babe I (600 x 622)

 ENGINE1 x 45hp Viale
  Take-off weight310 kg683 lb
  Empty weight209 kg461 lb
  Wingspan5.99 m20 ft 8 in
  Length4.55 m15 ft 11 in
  Height1.75 m6 ft 9 in
  Wing area10.03 m2107.96 sq ft
  Max. speed137 km/h85 mph
  Ceiling3048 m10000 ft

Babe IIIA three-view drawing of Babe III (600 x 618)

Barry, 10.11.2015 18:34

Another Frank Barnwell design for a small low cost sporting plane. There were only two ever built and flown. The Babe I which because of a shortage of power plants had to resort to a pre-war Viale 35 h.p. 5 cylinder engine which had a tendency to overheat after about 30 minutes flying time was replaced by a 60 h.p. Le Rhone 7B2. This and the second aeroplane to fly had this power plant, and became known as the Babe III. The still born Babe II was to have the Ounce engine. A radical plan to change the III into a mono plane never reached fruition. One can only presume with all the surplus war stock available the selling of a new sport plane was not going to be easy and so it was not!


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