Boulton-Paul P.92/2


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Boulton-Paul P.92/2

The P.92/2 was a half scale flying model of the P.92 built for Boulton Paul by Heston Aircraft for aerodynamic testing. The P.92 was cancelled before this ever flew.

P.92 projectA three-view drawing of P.92 project (800 x 682)

 ENGINE2 x 130hp de Havilland Gipsy Major II
  Take-off weight1261 kg2780 lb
  Wingspan10.11 m33 ft 2 in
  Length8.38 m28 ft 6 in
  Height2.34 m8 ft 8 in
  Max. speed245 km/h152 mph
  Cruise speed217 km/h135 mph

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