Boulton-Paul P.32


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Boulton-Paul P.32

One prototype first flown in January 1931. No production

Boulton-Paul P.32

 ENGINE3 x 555hp Bristol Jupiter XF
  Take-off weight10351 kg22820 lb
  Wingspan30.48 m100 ft 0 in
  Length21.03 m69 ft 0 in
 ARMAMENT9 x 110kg bombs

Barry, 09.11.2015 11:49

The specification B22 /27 called for a three engined intermediate night bomber of which a prototype P32 was ordered with the similarly configured DH72. Both these aeroplanes were to be powered by Bristol Mercury engines but due the unavailability they had to settle for Bristol Jupiter XF engines. Later the P32 was fitted with Jupiter XBFM engines rated at 575 h.p. enclosed in Townend Rings as illustrated above. The delay in the production of Mercury engines and a change in the mind of the Air Ministry at the concept of this type of bomber put an end to both this and the De Havilland craft.


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