Boulton-Paul P.8 Atlantic


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Boulton-Paul P.8 Atlantic

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Boulton-Paul P.8 Atlantic

 ENGINE2 x 450hp Napier Lion
  Take-off weight3578 kg7888 lb
  Empty weight2347 kg5174 lb
  Wingspan18.39 m60 ft 4 in
  Length12.19 m40 ft 0 in
  Height3.76 m12 ft 4 in
  Wing area71.54 m2770.05 sq ft
  Max. speed240 km/h149 mph
  Ceiling7620 m25000 ft

Boulton-Paul P.8 AtlanticA three-view drawing (800 x 807)

Barry, 31.03.2016 18:24

Developed from the P7 Bourges bomber as a seven seat airliner and with the intention of winning the Daily Mail prize of 10,000 for being the first British Plane to cross the Atlantic non stop made it's first flight on 10th May 1920. By this time, in fact almost a good year after the event, Alcock and Brown had crossed the Atlantic in a Vickers Vimy on the 15th June 1919. Only two P8's were made, although six had been planned, and whist they were easy to fly and handle the economics of the competition laid to rest any idea of a successful passenger aircraft.


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