Blackburn T.R.1 Sprat


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Blackburn T.R.1 Sprat

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Blackburn T.R.1 Sprat

Blackburn T.R.1 SpratA three-view drawing (600 x 508)

Barry, 04.10.2016 14:50

Built to an Air Ministry specification for a ship board trainer and designed by F.A.Bumpas, the Sprat was in competition with the Vickers Vendace and the Parnall Perch. Not only was the plane to have a fixed undercarriage it had to be readily convertible to floats. Flying for the first time on the 26th April 1926 at Brough it went to Martesham Heath for comparative trials which were won by the Vendace. Owing to the financial austerity of the time none of the craft were ordered.

Crew 2
Power plant 1 x 275 h.p. V12 water cooled Rolls Royce Falcon

Span 34'9" Length 29'3" Height 11'0" Wing area 406 sq ft
Empty weight 2,318 lb Gross weight 3,220 lb

Max speed 115 mph (sea level) Service ceiling 17,500 ft


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