Blackburn Pellet


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Blackburn Pellet

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Blackburn Pellet

Blackburn PelletA three-view drawing (800 x 644)

Barry, 17.06.2016 14:14

After modifications to sort out trim and cooling, which were not totally successful the Pellet flew again on the day before the race 26th September 1923. On the day of the race after work had been carried out overnight, the Pellet went to take off and was baulked by a small boat when it started porpoising and the crash happened, thankfully the pilot R.W.Kenworthy escaped unhurt.

Power plant 1 x 450 h.p. Napier Lion W 12 water cooled

Span 34'0" Length 28'7" Height 10'8" Wing area 314 sq ft
Empty weight 2,105 lb Gross weight 2,800 lb

Maximum speed 160 mph


Klaatu83, e-mail, 13.11.2012 16:30

This was not a modified Supermarine design. It was an original Blackburn design, and was actually begun during World War I was a prototype for a single-seat scout flying boat. However, the prototype was never completed, and the hull was set aside. After the war the hull was taken out of storage and the plane was completed, to a modified design, as a prospective competitor for the Schneider Cup race. Unfortunately it began porpoising while attempting to take off and crashed, nearly killing the pilot.


colin, e-mail, 30.12.2011 22:36

The Blackburn Pellet was originally a Supermarine design, albeit out of date by 1923 - as was the much modified Sea Lion III


Bill Krouwel, e-mail, 09.02.2009 23:39

Ah yes, all true - but lovely monococque fuselage - well ahead of its time, I think...and the windscreen looks positively post-war!


Shane, e-mail, 06.12.2008 23:07

Nice looking plane good lines, but so as the E Type jaguar. the jag could not hold the road and the pellet found it hard to get in the air, nose heavy flipped twice before the 1923 schneider and almost killed the pilot. If it had have got in the air it would have been out classed by the Curtiss as was the supermarine that year. the pellet was out of date even when it was built, than god for Mithcells vision with the SBs or we would all be speaking German!.


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