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Blackburn N.1B

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Blackburn N.1BA three-view drawing (800 x 634)

Klaatu83, e-mail, 13.11.2012 16:38

This was intended to be a single-seat scout flying boat. Apparently the Royal Navy changed their minds and decided that they really didn't require an aircraft of this category. Consequently, the project was cancelled, the airplane never completed, and the hull placed in storage. However, after the war Blackburn decided to complete the aircraft as a prospective contender for the Schneider Cup Race. The hull was taken out of storage the aircraft completed to a modified design as the Blackburn Pellet, which is shown elsewhere on this website.


Terrence I. Murphy, e-mail, 08.02.2012 21:00

The Blackburn N.1B design resembled Supermarine's concept of the requirement in that it too was a pusher flying-boat employing a hull of Linton Hope design. This was built to a system created by Lt Linton Hope, RN, and consisted of circular wooden formers spaced by stringers and planked diagonally with narrow mahogany strips one-eighth of an inch in thickness, in two laminations so that the layers crossed each other at 90 degrees. There the resemblance ended, for the Supermarine boat was constructed on strictly utilitarian lines and had a monoplane tail while the Blackburn N.1B was a sesquiplane of inspired design using a hull of refined and delicate aerodynamic form. Armament was to have been a single Lewis gun mounted on the nose in front of the pilot. Supermarines and Westlands built and flew their prototypes during 1917-18, but successful deck operations by the Sopwith Pup and a promise of an even better performance by its successor the Camel, led to a cancellation of the N.1B contracts in November 1918.
Manufacturers: The Blackburn Aeroplane and Motor Co Ltd, Olympia Works, Roundhay Road, Leeds, and Brough Aerodrome, East Yorks.
Power Plant: One 200 hp Hispano-Suiza
Span (upper) 34 ft 10 in (lower) 29 ft 4 in
Length 28 ft 3 1 /2 in Wing area 314 sq It
Weights: Tare weight 1,721 lb All-up weight 2,390 lb
Performance: (Estimated)
Maximum speed 114 mph Climb to 5,000 ft 7 min
Ceiling 16,000 ft Range 340 miles


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