Blackburn Type I


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Blackburn Type I

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Blackburn Type I

Blackburn Improved Type IA three-view drawing of Blackburn Improved Type I (800 x 762)

JIm Crawford, e-mail, 07.01.2010 22:11

I am seeking a proper nomenclature for the structural member of the lower landing gear where the flying wires of these "bird-cage" old airplanes is attached. The Upper support point if the landing wires is called the "kingpost". What is the name of the support point of the "flying wires", those cables which take the weight of the plane as it flies???


mike1204, e-mail, 07.06.2009 13:56

Developing the design, Blackburn built a two-seat version designated Type I, the first of these flying in August 1913. Powered by an 80-hp (60-kW) Gnome rotary engine, the Type I carried out a considerable amount of flying. Another Type I followed, a single-seater with the same engine, and in turn an 'Improved Type I' appeared. It, too, saw much use, and was rebuilt eventually as a floatplane trainer with an Anzani engine for the Northern Aircraft Co. at Lake Windermere. Many pilots of the Royal Naval Air Service received their basic training on this 'Land /Sea Monoplane', before it was written off on 1st April 1916.


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