Blackburn Type E


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Blackburn Type E

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Blackburn Type E

Blackburn Type EA three-view drawing (800 x 653)

mike1204, e-mail, 06.06.2009 17:41

With only nine months before competitive trials were scheduled on Salisbury Plain, Robert Blackburn built two monoplanes with the designation Type E. The first to be completed, in April 1912, was a single-seater powered by a 60-hp (45-kW) Green inline engine, built for Lieutenant W. Lawrence, for use in India, whose idea did not come to fruition. The other Type E two-seater, built for the War Office trials, was completed in June 1912, and was powered by a 70-hp (52-kW) Renault 'V' engine, which unfortunately proved too heavy for flight. Blackburn then went on to his next design, merely known as The Single-Seat Monoplane, an example of which survives with the Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden.


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