Blackburn C.A.15C Biplane


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Blackburn C.A.15C Biplane

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Blackburn C.A.15C Biplane

Blackburn C.A.15C BiplaneA three-view drawing (800 x 600)

Barry, 31.03.2016 16:21

As with the monoplane it was powered by 2 x 400 h.p. Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar IVC engines. After the inconclusive trials which did show that the monoplane had a better performance in terms of rate of climb, service ceiling and speed although lacking the overall weight capacity of the biplane it was proposed to sell both to Imperial Airways. Imperial were committed to other types and so the biplane was promptly broken up.

Span 64'0" Length 55'0" Height 16'0"Empty Weight 7,931 lb
Gross weight 12,150 lb
Maximum Speed 118 mph Cruising speed 110 mph Range 350 m
Service ceiling 9,000 ft Initial rate of climb 535 ft /min


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