Blackburn B.T.1 Beagle


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Blackburn B.T.1 Beagle

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Blackburn B.T.1 Beagle

Blackburn B.T.1 BeagleA three-view drawing (600 x 534)

Barry, 16.01.2017 12:30

This two seat torpedo /bomber aircraft was built against an Air Ministry specification and was in competition with the Handley Page Hare, the Gloster Goring, the Hawker Harrier, the Westland Witch and the Vickers Vildebeest. None of the aircraft met the exacting specification but the Beagle, the Hare and the Vildebeest were selected by the R.A.F. for further testing at Martlesham Heath. The Beagle was taken away to have an engine replacement, but by the time it was returned the R.A.F. had selcted the Vildebeest as it's torpedo bomber. The Beagle continued to fly until 1933 when it was broken up.

Power plant 1 x 460 h.p. 9 cylinder Bristol Jupiter VIIIF

Span 45'6" Length 33'1" Height 11'9" Wing area 570 sq ft
Empty weight 3,495 lb Gross weight 6,120 lb

Max Speed 140 mph Cruising speed 115 mph Service ceiling 16,000 ft

Armament 1 x .303" forward firing Vickers machine gun
1 x .303" ring mounted Lewis gun in rear cockpit


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