Blackburn B-5 Baffin


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Blackburn B-5 Baffin

This aircraft was an improved version of the Ripon with a 421kW Bristol Pegasus radial engine in place of the Napier Lion and its heavy water-cooling system. Two prototypes and 33 production Baffins served with a single flight at Gosport for dummy deck-landing and torpedo practice and with Nos 810, 811 and 812 Squadrons on board the aircraft carriers HMS Courageous, Furious and Glorious respectively from 1934 until replaced by Sharks in 1936. One batch of 14 Baffins were shipped to Malta as reserve aircraft when the carriers exercised their squadrons in the Mediterranean.

More than 60 Ripons were re-worked and re-engined as Baffins during 1934-35. Twenty-nine surplus Fleet Air Arm aircraft were sold to the RNZAF during 1937-38 for the Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland Territorial GR Squadrons, which combined for wartime coastal patrols.

Blackburn B-5 Baffin

 ENGINE1 x Bristol "Pegasus IM-3", 405kW
  Take-off weight3450 kg7606 lb
  Empty weight1900 kg4189 lb
  Wingspan13.9 m46 ft 7 in
  Length11.6 m38 ft 1 in
  Height4.1 m13 ft 5 in
  Wing area63.4 m2682.43 sq ft
  Max. speed218 km/h135 mph
  Cruise speed160 km/h99 mph
  Ceiling4500 m14750 ft
  Range w/max payload725 km451 miles

Blackburn B-5 BaffinA three-view drawing (800 x 686)

Klaatu83, e-mail, 21.03.2014 03:19

In a particularly embarrassing incident, one of these aircraft crash-landed on the foredeck of the French passenger liner SS Normandie. The damaged airplane remained on the ship's foredeck until arrival in Le Harve, where the plane was off-loaded and returned to Britain.


Bruce, e-mail, 29.05.2013 03:03

My mothers brother died in a crash in 1940, Christchurch. It was a crew of three.


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