Blackburn B-9 / H.S.T.10


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Blackburn B-9 / H.S.T.10

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Blackburn B-9 / H.S.T.10A three-view drawing (600 x 556)

Barry, 17.06.2016 14:31

It ended it's days as an instructional airframe at Loughborough College.

Crew 2 Passengers 12

Power plant 2 x 365 h.p. Napier Rapier VI

Span 57'4" Length 42'0" Height 12'0" Wing area 442 sq ft
Gross weight 8,600 lb

Max speed 204 mph Service ceiling 23,800 ft


Klaatu83, e-mail, 05.08.2015 06:25

Construction of this father modern-looking airliner was constantly postponed in order that the company could complete higher-priority military orders. By the time it was finished there was little interest in it anymore, and I don't believe the prototype was ever actually flown at all.


Bill Krouwel, e-mail, 09.02.2009 23:44

I believe this aircraft rather sadly ended its life by landing on a sandbank (in need of repair)- and then couldn't take off before the tide came in...


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