Blackburn B-7


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Blackburn B-7

One prototype, first flown on 28 November 1934. No production.

 ENGINE1 x 700hp Armstrong Siddeley Tiger IV
  Take-off weight3190 kg7033 lb
  Wingspan14.02 m46 ft 0 in
  Length10.80 m35 ft 5 in
  Height3.89 m13 ft 9 in
  Max. speed242 km/h150 mph
  Cruise speed161 km/h100 mph
  Ceiling6096 m20000 ft
  Range869 km540 miles
 ARMAMENT2 x 7.7mm machine-guns, 1 x 450kg or 2 x 227kg bombs or a torpedo

Anonymous, 01.04.2021 17:07

Although the design of the B-7 was based upon that of the "Shark", it was re-configured to meet an RAF requirement for an aircraft to replace the Fairey "Gordon" for service in the colonies. However, by that time the world situation was changing, and no further aircraft of that category were procured.


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