British Aerospace ATP / Jetstream 61


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British Aerospace ATP / Jetstream 61

The BAe ATP (Advanced Turbo-Prop) was developed from the very successful Avro 748, but has not been as fortunate. Production ceased early in 1995 after around 60 had been built.

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 ENGINE2 x 2653hp Pratt & Whitney Canada PW126 turboprops
  Take-off weight22930 kg50552 lb
  Empty weight13595 kg29972 lb
  Wingspan30.63 m101 ft 6 in
  Length26.00 m85 ft 4 in
  Height7.14 m23 ft 5 in
  Wing area78.3 m2842.81 sq ft
  Cruise speed496 km/h308 mph
  Ceiling7600 m24950 ft
  Range1825 km1134 miles

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