British Aircraft Double Eagle


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British Aircraft Double Eagle

British Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Ltd was British Klemm renamed. Works at Hanworth produced Swallow, Eagle, Cupid and Double Eagle 1935-1938.

British Aircraft Double Eagle

Barry, 12.11.2015 17:40

3 Double Eagles were built, the first of these six seater monoplanes (G-ADVV) flying from Hanworth on 3rd July 1936.Two remained in England, impressed into service with the R.A.F. at the start of the war. One saw out it's days as an instructional airframe at Armstrong Whitworth and later Parnall. The second (G-AEIN) took part in the Portsmouth to Johannesburg air race but retired after collapsing it's undercarriage at Al Almazah and was impressed into the R.A.F. as an instructional airframe.
The third model went to South Africa for aerial survey work and was later impressed into service with 60 squadron S.A.A.F.
Span 41'0" Length 29'10" Gross Weight 3,500 lb
Max Speed 165 mph Cruising Speed 135 mph
Power 2 x D.H. Gypsy Major developing 130 h.p.


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