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Auster Autocar

Auster's first production four-seater was the J-5B Autocar, built in several versions with different powerplants and used in a variety of roles, including ambulance duties and crop-spraying.

Lee, 18.12.2016 13:34

Does anyone remember the Austers at luton flying club?
The club used the grass runway which was I think on the NW edge of the field.Commercial traffic used the hard runway in harmony with the club opperations. Freddy Lakers Carvairs were of great interest to a small boy.


Barry, 15.06.2016 17:32

First flying in August 1949 as an enlarged Autocrat the main production version the J /5B was powered by a 130 h.p. DeHavilland Gypsy 1 inverted four cylinder air cooled engine other marks used the Blackburn Cirrus Major 2 and 3 and on some rare occasions on export versions a Lycoming 0-320 or Continental 0-370 was used. Some 180 were produced with military use by the Royal Australian Navy and the Kuwait Air Force
Autocar J /5B

Crew 1 passengers 3

Span 36'0" Length 26'2" Height 7'7" Wing area 185 sq ft
Empty weight 1,413 lb Gross weight 2,450 lb

Max speed 116 mph Cruising speed 100 mph Range 500 miles
Service ceiling 11,000 ft


Bill Gleaves, e-mail, 31.10.2011 20:36

Was this related to the Auster Mark IV and Mark V?
They both had 125 HP Lycoming engines, lots of plexiglass
and a side-facing jump seat in the back for artillery
observation. I flew both in 1954-1955 in a USAF Flying Club
in Wiesbaden , Germany


mike goold, e-mail, 19.08.2011 02:21

I flew one from Bari to Anzio in 1945 and delivered it to the British Army Air Corp. Returned to Naples by landing barge with a winter headwind it took forever.


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