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Arrow Active

Two single-seat, high-performance, all-metal aerobatic trainers were manufactured at Yeadon, Leeds, by Arrow Aircraft Ltd. The first was the Active 1 of 1931, powered by a 115hp Cirrus Hermes lIB, followed a year later by the improved Active 2, which differed mainly in having an additional strutted upperwing centre section and a 120hp Gipsy III inverted air-cooled engine. Both aircraft flew in the King's Cup races in 1932/33 and reached speeds of up to 122km/h. The Active 2 is still airworthy.

Arrow Active

  Max. speed221 km/h137 mph

Paul Terry, e-mail, 09.09.2010 04:15

I have a small drafting tool,I think ,which would roll a parallel line. It is made of machined brass and black ebony wood. Stamped on the top is A.C. Thornton Manchester.
I would like to find out more info. on the tool , If you know any further or know someone that does,please contact me.
Thank you for the time
Paul Terry ( Canada )


mike1204, e-mail, 03.06.2010 18:08

Active: Designed largely by A. C. Thornton, and built by Arrow Aircraft Ltd, of Yeadon, Leeds in 1931, this sole example (G-ABIX) c /no. 1, was powered by a 115-hp Cirrus Hermes IIB engine. Its C of A was issued on 21 May 1931 and was flown by Flt.Lt. E. C. T. Edwards in the 1932 King's Cup Race at 132.2 mph. It was later sold to Alex Henshaw in May 1935, when on 30 December 1935 the aircraft was burnt out at Marks Chapel, Lincs, the owner safely escaping by parachute.
Active Mk II: Similar to the Active, but with strutted centre-section over an open, rather than the earlier fully glazed cockpit, and powered by a 120-hp de Havilland Gipsy III engine, and like its predecessor a sole example (G-ABVE) being built, the Active Mk II (c /no.2) was issued a C of A on 29 June 1932. It was flown in the King's Cup Races of 1932 and 1933 by Flt.Lt. H. H. Leech at 137 mph. It was then stored at Yeading until 1957 before being completely renovated for Norman Jones and the Tiger Club in 1958, with the installation of a 145-hp Gipsy Major engine. The Active Mk II had a 3-inch greater wingspan, stood 72 lb lighter, but with 115 lb greater AUW, a top speed 4 mph faster, and cruised 3 mph better than the original Active design.


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