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Arpin A-1

In 1937, M. B. Arpin & Co designed and built a two-seat, twin-boom, cabin monoplane at West Drayton, Middlesex, designated the Arpin A-1. Only one aircraft was built and was first flown at Hanworth by G. Wynne Eaton on 7 May 1938. This rather oddlooking aircraft was fitted with a pusher engine and had a McLaren crosswind tricycle undercarriage. It was scrapped in 1946.

Barry, 23.02.2016 11:54

Originally powered by a 68 h.p. British Salmson AD.9R radial (as in the illustration), but later re-engined in 1939 with an inverted in line 90 h.p. Blackburn Cirrus Minor becoming the Arpin A-1 Mk 2.

Span 31'6" Length 23'2" Height 7'1" Wing area 165 sq ft Empty weight 740 lb Gross weight 1,261 lb
Max Speed (Salmson) 108 mph (Cirrus) 115 mph Cruise speed
95 mph


a a Jacobs, e-mail, 08.09.2009 22:38

Did I see this around summer 1939 over Romford, Essex, painted yellow in company with another conventional single engined light aeroplane ?


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