Armstrong Whitworth A.W.14 Starling II


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Armstrong Whitworth A.W.14 Starling II

The A.W.14 Starling II bore no relationship to the original Starling apart from a common design origin and similar construction. It was powered by an Armstrong Siddeley Panther IIIA 14-cylinder two-row radial rated at 540hp and carried two Vickers Mk II machine guns. Three prototypes were completed and flown in 1930, one being a shore-based fighter to the requirements of F.9/26 and the other two being private venture tenders to the N.21/26 fleet fighter specification. The land-based prototype had an uncowled engine and the shipboard prototypes featured Townend ring engine cowlings. No production orders were received.

Armstrong Whitworth A.W.14 Starling IIA three-view drawing (1637 x 1200)

  Take-off weight1463 kg3225 lb
  Wingspan10.44 m34 ft 3 in
  Length7.53 m25 ft 8 in
  Max. speed295 km/h183 mph

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