Armstrong Whitworth A.W.35 Scimitar


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Armstrong Whitworth A.W.35 Scimitar

A refined development of the A.W.16, the A.W.35 Scimitar was powered by a Panther VII engine enclosed by a long-chord cowling and rated at 565hp at 3660m, but having a maximum output of 605hp at 4115m. Armament comprised two 7.7mm Vickers Type E machine guns and provision was made for four 9kg bombs to be carried beneath the lower mainplane. Two prototypes of the Scimitar were flown in 1933, and these were followed by four production examples for the Norwegian Army Air Force which were delivered at the beginning of 1936. These were powered by the Panther XIA with a maximum rating of 730hp.

Armstrong Whitworth A.W.35 ScimitarA three-view drawing (1647 x 1207)

  Take-off weight1860 kg4101 lb
  Empty weight1276 kg2813 lb
  Wingspan10.06 m33 ft 0 in
  Length7.62 m25 ft 0 in
  Height3.53 m12 ft 7 in
  Wing area24.28 m2261.35 sq ft
  Max. speed343 km/h213 mph

David Smith, e-mail, 06.02.2014 13:06

In 1940, when I was 10,I was given a Frog plastic kit of a Scimitar.The decals supplied were for the Chinese Air Force( blue star in a circle if I remember correctly).


baiwang, 20.06.2011 10:59

These were powered by the Panther XIA with a maximum rating of 730hp.


Tomas Kristian Høiaas, e-mail, 23.06.2009 02:49

Hi there!!
I´ve seen the A.W.35 on Kjeller Airfild near Oslo /Norway in the Thirties when, I lived in the town of Lillestrøm I was born in May 1930,and remember the planes.I´we been 30 years in The Royal Norwegian Airforce: Spitfire, DH Mosquito and DH Vampire and some american fighters. ...Tomas now living in Brazil.


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