Armstrong Whitworth F.K.3


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Armstrong Whitworth F.K.3

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Armstrong Whitworth F.K.3A three-view drawing (600 x 538)

 ENGINE1 x 120hp Beardmore
  Take-off weight1110 kg2447 lb
  Empty weight763 kg1682 lb
  Wingspan12.19 m40 ft 0 in
  Length8.84 m29 ft 0 in
  Height3.63 m12 ft 11 in
  Wing area42.46 m2457.04 sq ft
  Max. speed146 km/h91 mph
  Ceiling3658 m12000 ft

Barry, 17.08.2012 16:27

Dutchman Fritz Koolhoven came to Britain at the same time as his compatriot Anton Fokker in 1914 to work for the British Air Ministry, with the notable difference that he stayed whilst Fokker went off to help the Bosch.
The FK3 was built as replacement for the remarkbly durable but dated BE2c. An easy plane to fly many were used as trainers although at least one squadron used them as bombers as late as 1918, even if this meant loading the plane with 112lb of bombs and leaving the observer at home.


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