Praga B.H.39 (E.39)

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Praga B.H.39 (E.39)

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 ENGINE1 x 150hp Armstrong Siddeley Genet
  Take-off weight865 kg1907 lb
  Empty weight585 kg1290 lb
  Wingspan10.00 m33 ft 10 in
  Length7.00 m23 ft 12 in
  Height2.57 m8 ft 5 in
  Wing area23.70 m2255.10 sq ft
  Max. speed176 km/h109 mph
  Cruise speed150 km/h93 mph
  Ceiling3650 m12000 ft
  Rate of climb114 m/min350 ft/min

Barry, 20.04.2016 18:04

First flying in June 1931 this trainer aircraft was deigned by Benes and Hahn late of the Avia concern. A total of 139 were built and were used as a basic trainer by the Czech air force. After the Nazis annexed the eastern states and set up a puppet regime in Slovakia some of these craft were used by the nascent Slovak Air Force. Later in the war some were used in a reconnaissance role on the Eastern Front and some were donated to the Hungarian air force.


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