Letov Sh 328


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Letov Sh 328

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 ENGINE1 x 542hp Walter Sagitta I-MR
  Take-off weight4120 kg9083 lb
  Empty weight3102 kg6839 lb
  Wingspan15.60 m51 ft 2 in
  Length11.69 m38 ft 4 in
  Wing area35.44 m2381.47 sq ft
  Max. speed380 km/h236 mph
  Cruise speed330 km/h205 mph
  Ceiling5500 m18050 ft
  Rate of climb400 m/min1300 ft/min
 ARMAMENT3 x 7.92mm

Barry, 24.05.2013 14:13

Letov was formed out of the Czech Military Air Arsenal and the design team was lead by Alois Smolik, and it was this team that was resposible for the 328 and the later 528 of which only five were built. The basic model was the widely produced reconnaissance bomber, but some were finished as the 328V twin-float plane and some as the 328N night fighter. The first 328 was ordered by Finland, a one off 328F, but this was not delivered but the Czech Army Air Force ordered the 328 to equip it's reconnaissance squadrons. By the time the Nazis annexed the Sudentainland more than 445 had been delivered. They were impressed into the Luftwaffe or the new Slovak Air Force and used in the invasion of Poland. Even after the German invasion production at the Prague-Letany works continued the final 30 entering service with the Bulgarian Air Force. I would say the performance figures noted above are more reminiscent of the 528 than the 328


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