Letov 8

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Letov 8

There is no text information for this aircraft at the moment.

Barry, 07.12.2017 12:30

John is quite right this is a Letov S.239 which was developed from the earlier Pobjoy R engined S.139 and in turn was based on the prototype S.39.
The aircraft was built as a two seat sports plane powered by an Orion LL 50 engine this being supplanted in the first production run by a 55 h.p. Walter Polaris.

Spec for S.39

Span 32'10" Length 20'2" Wing area 151 sq ft
Empty weight 692 lb Gross weight 1,133 lb

Max speed 94 mph Range 300 miles Service ceiling 10,800 ft


John Yost, e-mail, 27.03.2010 03:07

Wrong designation - This is a Letov S.239. Look up the registration (OK-ELM).


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