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Let L-40 Meta-Sokol

Designed and produced originally by Ceskoslovenske Zavody Automobilove A Letecke, under which heading all post-World War II aviation activity in Czechoslovakia was first combined, production of the L-40 Meta-Sokol was continued by Letecky Narodni Podnik (Let) after this manufacturer was established at Kunovice in the mid-1950s. A four-seat cabin monoplane of all-metal construction, suitable for training or sporting use, the Let L-40 was of low-wing configuration and incorporated unusual 'reversed-tricycle' landing gear. All three units retracted, but the short-wheel-base tailwheel unit was mounted beneath the cabin so that the fuselage was almost horizontal when the aircraft was on the ground. As first flown in 1956 the L-40 was powered by a 104kW Walther M 332 inline engine, but series aircraft were available with either this engine or a 78kW Walther Minor 4-III. When production ended in 1961, 200 L-40s had been built.

 ENGINE1 x Walther M 332 inline engine, 104kW
  Take-off weight935 kg2061 lb
  Wingspan10.05 m33 ft 12 in
  Max. speed240 km/h149 mph

sven, 06.02.2017 00:38

This aircraft held speed distance records that were only beaten many years later by Burt Rutans very Hi-tec Long eze.Whatever engine it had I do remember that it sounded great, similar to a Zlin.


Barry, 01.02.2017 18:32

There is no doubt that this plane was built by Orlican and not Let.The engine was not a Walter M332 but 138 h.p. Avia M332. Furthermore the span of 10.05 meters does not convert into 33'12" (34 Ft ?). The details of his craft are as follows:-

Crew 1 pilot and 3 passengers

Span 33'9" Length 24'9" Height 8'1" Wing area 157 sq ft
Empty weight 1,177 lb Loaded weight 2,059 lb
Max take off weight 2,090 lb

Max speed 147 mph Cruising speed 127 mph Range 683 miles
Service ceiling 16,600 ft


Oscar Kleinerman, e-mail, 17.11.2011 15:49

I have a matasokol L-40 and I need to get the airtwhortines Directives. You can tell me from where I can get?
Oscar Kleinerman


TomᚠMüller, e-mail, 21.01.2011 13:43

Meta-Sokol is not any product of Let company. It was designed in the Czech state Aviation Research and Testing Institute (VZLÚ) in Prague Letňany and produced by small aircraft producer Orličan in Choceň in Eastern Bohemia. That factory was originally the Beneš - Mráz company, which designed and produced numerous remarkable light sporting aeroplanes and gliders from 30's. The factory was utilized by German occupants for small aircraft production during the war. The most important was Fiesseler Storch, which was used by Czechoslovak Air Force, aeroclubs and agricultural flight operators after the war and then it was replaced by the Brigadýr multi-purpose AC both in Orličan production and in operation.
Just after the war the Orličan company also designed and produced several models of light wooden sport and tourist aircraft, the most successfull was M-1 Sokol (Falcon) and then its metallic successor L-40 Meta-Sokol. As far as I know, no one Meta-Sokol was ever powered by Walter Minor engine (maybe a prototype ?). Numerous aircraft were exported to Western Europe and many of them still fly, because they are fast enough (more than 200 km /h cruise), easy for servicing and maintenance and very economical.
Orličan company also produced numerous gliders including VT-116 Orlík and VSO-10 Gradient and nowadays it belongs to German Schempp-Hirth famous glider producer and builds the S-H composite gliders. Unfortunately, the company does not offer any technical services for the L-40 operation support, therefore it is not possible to expect e.g. some service period limit extension or spare part delivery.


Bob, e-mail, 05.10.2010 02:24

yep would like more info would like to build a R /c aircraft of this aircraft......


Peter V. Hartmann, e-mail, 10.11.2008 17:38

Small correction - L-40 Meta-Sokol was designed and produced by a Czech company called "Orlican", and not by LET.


Helmut Grünbergs, e-mail, 24.04.2007 01:20

Dear Sirs, have your for this all Model Service Bulletins, Letters...? I need this for safety flight and maintenance .
Best Regards, helmut Grünbergs


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