Bohemia B.5


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Bohemia B.5

The first aircraft designed in Czechoslovakia after its 1918 independence.

 ENGINE1 x NAG 4-cylinder

Barry, 20.04.2016 14:28

Built by the Bohemia Pilsen works this was probably a "one off" as there appears to be only evidence of one produced. It flew for the first time 27th April 1919, and crashed on the 17th May 1919 killing a student pilot, but with the instructor escaping with minor injuries. The remains of the aircraft were resurrected within six weeks and the plane continued to fly until 1923 when the engine had worn out. It was converted to a glider but was not very successful in this area just as it was not as an aeroplane.
Power Plant 1 x 40 h.p. Neue Automobil-Gesellschaft MBH 4 cylinder in line.

Span 26'3" Length 21'11" Height 9'3" Wing area 194 Sq ft
Empty weight 750 lb Gross weight 1,147 lb
Maximum speed 68 mph Range 74 miles Service ceiling 4,920 ft


Fabio, e-mail, 02.08.2009 07:21

I thought the plant, /bojemia.htm I also built RC model planes, and was very interested in that plane, good construction.


Mike Cuba, e-mail, 04.03.2009 01:02

Any odds someone has a three-view of this plane? I'm half-Czech, and I build and fly scale R /X model planes.


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