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Avia BH-26

Flown for the first time in 1927, the BH-26 represented Avia's first attempt to produce a two-seat fighter. Employing a basically similar wooden structure to that of earlier Avia fighter biplanes, and retaining the unequal- span single-bay configuration, the BH-26 was powered by a Walter-built Jupiter IV nine-cylinder radial with an international rating of 450hp. Armament comprised two synchronised 7.7mm Vickers guns firing through the propeller and twin Lewis guns on a Skoda flexible mounting in the rear cockpit. Whereas the prototype had no fixed vertical tail fin, this feature was introduced on the production model which entered service with the Czechoslovak air arm as the B-26.

 ENGINE1 x 450hp Walter Jupiter IV
  Take-off weight1760 kg3880 lb
  Empty weight1080 kg2381 lb
  Wingspan10.80 m35 ft 5 in
  Length8.85 m29 ft 0 in
  Height3.35 m11 ft 0 in
  Wing area31.00 m2333.68 sq ft
  Max. speed242 km/h150 mph
  Cruise speed220 km/h137 mph
  Ceiling5700 m18700 ft
  Rate of climb370 m/min1200 ft/min
  Range600 km373 miles
 ARMAMENT3 x 7.7mm

ika244, e-mail, 23.02.2009 00:59

sorry - my English isn't so good.
Engine- 1xBristol Jupiter VI (309kw /420h.p).
Armament three machine guns and celling 6000 m.


Martin Pener, e-mail, 11.11.2007 11:35

Max. speed 245km /h, armament two machine guns. In Czechoslovakia producet since 1925, later also in Belgium under a license.


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