Aero Vodochody L-139


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Aero Vodochody L-139

The L-139 aircraft, which was developed from the L-39ZA, is powered by an Allied Signal TFE-731.4 turbofan engine. Similarly to the L-59, it has got Bendix-King/Flight Visions avionics including HUD, a modern WDNS of US provenance, OBOGS, fatigue monitoring system, VS-2A zero/zero ejection seats, armament system corresponding to NATO standards, etc.

Aero Vodochody L-139

 ENGINE1 x Allied Signal TFE-731.4 turbofan

TomᚠMüller, e-mail, 21.01.2011 09:12

The L-139 was the best of the L-39 /59 models and it could become the most successfull military jet trainer worldwide, but, unfortunately, it remained in only two completed prototypes, while the S /N 5501 was the only one flying and the favourite "charriot" for the company pilots. Thanks to more powerfull and economical engine it gained better performance than the L-39 models. It was also able to carry four 350 l underwing tanks, its range and flight endurance increased importantly. Equipped with light and efficient two-barrel Russian Gš-23 cannon it could play a role of reliable and economical light patrol or attack aircraft.
However, participation of Boeing in the Aero company in late nineties liquidated all Aero activities, which were not directly connected to L-159 programme and brought the former world-biggest jet-trainer producer to bankruptcy. Due to lack of competence and interest of both "liberal" and "socialist" Czech governments the famous Aero company dissipated from aviation business.


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