Aero Vodochody Ae-270 IBIS


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Aero Vodochody Ae-270 IBIS

Ae-270 IBIS is a single-engine turboprop aircraft intended for short-haul transport and general utility purposes. The Ae-270 IBIS aircraft is under development. First flight is scheduled for 1999, deliveries to customers from 2001. The Ae-270 P Model is powered by a Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6A-42A engine, pressurised, with retractable landing gear. The Ae-270 W Model is powered by a Walter M601F engine, non-pressurised, with fixed landing gear. Versions of the Ae-270 are Corporate (standard, 1-2 Crew + 8-9 Pax), Cargo (1-2 Crew + Cargo), Combi and Executive.

Barry, 19.07.2016 12:14

After the project was terminated and the three unfinished aircraft were transferred to the Air Park Zruc u Pizne and all was doom and gloom (see Ceri's mail) an agreement was made in 2011 to sell all know how jigs and tools to Belarus for production to start there in 2015. I know not whether this has happened.

Accommodation Crew 2 Passengers 8

Span 45'4" Length 40'1 1 /2" Height 15'8" Wing area 226 sq ft
Empty weight 5,070 lb Max take off weight 8,17 lb

Max speed 311 mph Cruising speed 236 mph Range 1,852 miles Service ceiling 30,000 ft


ceri, e-mail, 16.01.2009 07:26

IBIS and the AE270 spirit is defunked and now gone. Never to be seen again. Reason was due to the lack of funding from the Tiwan(Chinese) half, after Aero of Chez spent hundreds of millions building, design and marketing on ten of them along with certification. They closed the door on it, as it interfeared with their miltary productions. Sad as it was one heck of a cool aircraft though. I guess Socata TBM850, Platius PC-12, Epic Aircraft line up and New Piper are going to cash in on this catagory of aircraft now.


Dr. Horst Bloch, e-mail, 03.07.2007 16:54

There is a strong interest for cooperation with Aero
Vodochody Ae-270 W (Walter M601F engine) by a group to be
based at Neuhardenberg airport to organize regional air
cargo transport in Africa. Best regards, Dr. Horst Bloch


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