Aero A.10


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Aero A.10

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 ENGINE1 x 240hp Maybach Mb IVa
  Take-off weight2046 kg4511 lb
  Empty weight1297 kg2859 lb
  Wingspan14.20 m47 ft 7 in
  Length10.14 m33 ft 3 in
  Wing area51.00 m2548.96 sq ft
  Max. speed160 km/h99 mph
  Cruise speed130 km/h81 mph
  Ceiling5800 m19050 ft
  Range520 km323 miles

Barry, 14.03.2016 16:00

Five of these Husnik and Vlasak designed 5 seat passenger aircraft were flown, all with the Czechoslovak State Airline, mainly on it's Prague to Bratislava route between 1923 and 1928.


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