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Aero 45

This early post-war utility light aircraft design proved a great export earner for Czechoslovakia; over 700 were built, of which more than 600 were exported. A good start was made with the Aero 45 's first public appearance, when an early model won the Norton- Griffiths Trophy in the National Air Races held at Coventry in 1949. Underlying the type's popularity and success was the design - the Aero 45 was an all-metal design, the cockpit had single or dual controls (in versions), and the rear bench carried up to three passengers or could be folded away to stow freight or luggage. The Aero 45 was progressively updated to Super 45 standard; the last version (the 145) had a larger powerplant, but retained the tail wheel. Production ended in 1963.

Aero 45A three-view drawing (640 x 352)

 MODELAero Super 45
 ENGINE2 x Walter Minor 4-III piston engines rated at 105hp for take-off
  Take-off weight1600 kg3527 lb
  Wingspan12.30 m40 ft 4 in
  Length7.54 m25 ft 9 in
  Height2.30 m8 ft 7 in
  Max. speed270 km/h168 mph
  Ceiling5050 m16550 ft
  Range1600 km994 miles

sven, 27.06.2016 02:04

Good aeroplane. I remember the one bAsed at Elstree. 2 walters=music.


Barry, 20.01.2012 16:45

The aircraft illustrated is still flying to this day.


Le Bihan, e-mail, 09.11.2009 10:29

Cet avion a enchanté ma jeunesse, aux temps où "Aviation Magazine" constituait le plus important objectif de lecture.
Mon "rêve" serait de faire un vol avec cet avion...


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