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Comac ARJ21

The Comac (formerly ACAC) ARJ21 Xiangfeng (Soaring Phoenix in Chines) is a twin-engined regional airliner. It is the first passenger jet to be developed and indigenously produced by the People's Republic of China.

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 ENGINE2 x 6954kg General Electric CF34-10A
  Take-off weight43500 kg95902 lb
  Empty weight24955 kg55017 lb
  Wingspan27.29 m90 ft 6 in
  Length33.46 m110 ft 9 in
  Height8.44 m28 ft 8 in
  Wing area79.86 m2859.61 sq ft
  Max. speed876 km/h544 mph
  Cruise speed724 km/h450 mph
  Ceiling11900 m39050 ft
  Range3700 km2299 miles

Barry, 04.06.2015 17:08

Still awaiting certification two years on from my last post on this matter.


win, e-mail, 16.03.2015 01:52

DC-9 copy!!!


Barry, 03.06.2013 13:35

Here we are in 2013 and this plane will not get it's Chinese certification until the end of 2014 some 11 years after it's first flight. FAA and European certification will not be for another 2 years after that, which will not be too much of a problem as the 200+ orders are 95% for Chinese airlines (surprise surprise). As I have said elsewhere there is a difference between building an aeroplane and getting it into service.


Soccer Shoes, e-mail, 04.11.2011 21:42

ARJ21 Xiangfeng is proud of China, we can do better.


Adil Ali, e-mail, 12.02.2011 06:11

Looks like the MD90 /DC-9 to me from the specs and speeds! Then again, which technology is really indigenous to China- even Chinese cars are Japanese and Korean rip offs.


Pieter Waters, 08.02.2011 21:31

This airplane was built using the jigs and tooling provided by McDonnell-Douglas for the licensed construction of the MD-90 in China. It has the same fuselage cross-section, nose and tail. COMAC claims that this is the first jet designed by the Chinese with completely independent IP rights. This is, of course, hogwash.


Nwana, e-mail, 22.01.2011 13:33

It's a further development of the Boeing 717


jon, 30.10.2010 17:59

nice aircraft


Kenny, e-mail, 06.10.2010 00:41

Is this a DC-9?


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