Bombardier Dash 8 Q400


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Bombardier Dash 8 Q400

Launched June 1995 as stretch of Series 300. First flight 31 January 1998. FAA FAR Pt 25 approval on 8 February 2000. First delivery to SAS Commuter 20 January 2000, followed by service entry 7 February on Copenhagen, Denmark, to Poznan, Poland route.

Bombardier Dash 8 Q400A three-view drawing (1024 x 514)

Steve, e-mail, 06.09.2011 02:23

I worked on the centre wing for the 400.
It does have a small wingbox but the wing sweep was carried inbd from the outbd wing unlike the earlier versions. This gave a larger root wing box and made aero go back to the drawing board for this area.
The wing skins are thicker than .500" at the root which is approaching the properties of aluminum plate and no longer sheet.


beihuaguo, 20.06.2011 13:41

New York last night I question also the apparent size of the wing. I am not an aircraft engineer, but the wing appears to be two narrow to support the fuselage.


John Furqueron, e-mail, 28.06.2010 23:47

As Captain I flew this A /C for Horizon airlines in the Pacific NW and Canada and loved it. It out performed anything that was out there and was a great plane once the electronic bugs were worked out. As for Ice, it does not matter what type plane you have, if you are not watching it will bite you. So don't blame the plane.


Joe Grant, e-mail, 08.03.2010 04:30

I've just received a copy of your excellant coverage of the world's aircraft.I would like to take issue with the first 3 comments about the Q-400. The desighn of this aircraft had absolutely nothing to do with accountants,but was a natural improvement to the existing Dash 8 family of aircraft. The stretch also involved a span increase as well as extensive testing in natural icing. It is the safest aircraft flying as far as flight into icing is concerned.The crash in NY was entirely due to pilot incompetence(as noted by the US National Transportation Safety Board), Retired Chief, Propulsion Systems,deHavilland Division, Bombardier Aerospace


L Rudnicki, e-mail, 03.04.2009 04:04

When accountants design aircraft,they look like this. It is a stretch. Seat /mile /$$$$$.


Ralph, e-mail, 17.02.2009 22:45

I too would question the configuration of the wings. They appear to be absolutely minimal in size. This might work well in good weather conditions, but the accumulation of ice would easliy change their shape and ability to produce lift.


Ken Wirth, e-mail, 14.02.2009 03:37

After the crash of the Dash 8 in New York last night I question also the apparent size of the wing. I am not an aircraft engineer, but the wing appears to be two narrow to support the fuselage?


ignacio, e-mail, 16.11.2007 14:13

I would like to have a photo from de propeller.


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