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Embraer EMB-121 Xingu

Bearing a likeness to the Bandeirante, the pressurised EMBRAER EMB-121 Xingu featured a reduced-span version of the EMB-110P wing, a fuselage of circular cross-section similar to that of the Brasilia, and followed the same general configuration with twin turboprop engines and retractable tricycle landing gear, but differed by having a cantilever T-tail. It was, however, the smallest member of the family, providing accommodation for a crew of two and nine passengers. The prototype Xingu flew for the first time on 10 October 1976, followed by the first production aircraft just over six months later.

When production ceased at the end of 1987, a total of 111 had been built, including six for use by the special transport group of the Brazilian air force under the designation VU-9. Other users include the French navy and air force with 41 aircraft, and five others serve with the SABENA pilot training school. The original version, designated EMB-121A Xingu I, was powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-28 turboprop engines. From this was developed the EMB-121A1 Xingu II with 559kW PT6A-135 turboprops, these being available also as retrofits for the Xingu I. Thirty-two earlier machines were later reworked to this standard.

A prototype of the EMB-121V Xingu III was flown. It was generally similar to its predecessors except that it had the fuselage lengthened by 0.89m, and was powered by two 634kW PT6A-42 engines. Seating the same number of passengers but in greater comfort, the Xingu III featured an optional 'club' layout for seven passengers, with folding tables and a galley.

EMB-121B Xingu IIA three-view drawing of EMB-121B Xingu II (670 x 1086)

 MODELEMB-121A Xingu I
 ENGINE2 x Pratt & Whitney Aircraft of Canada PT6A-28 turboprops, 507kW
  Take-off weight5670 kg12500 lb
  Loaded weight3620 kg7981 lb
  Wingspan14.45 m47 ft 5 in
  Length12.25 m40 ft 2 in
  Height4.74 m16 ft 7 in
  Wing area27.5 m2296.01 sq ft
  Max. speed450 km/h280 mph
  Cruise speed365 km/h227 mph
  Ceiling7925 m26000 ft
  Range2270 km1411 miles

choqing, 20.06.2011 06:50

I would appreciate a contact name and address together with e.mail address and price of this particular aircraft. The seating capacity is what we are after.


Herton, e-mail, 02.12.2010 17:57

I have logged around 400 hs in this aircraft flown for D.A.E-RS Brazil. Unfortunatly this plane crashed in 1997 killing two of my friends in south of Brazil.


Andypilot333, e-mail, 11.08.2008 05:20

Six is the usual cabin capacity in the executive layout. The Xingu 1 cost just under $ 1 million US in 1979, but finding one for sale today is easier said than done.


nicolas sanguinetti, e-mail, 02.10.2007 21:42

is possible thr instalation of a search radar ?


Susan Yuce, e-mail, 23.01.2007 10:59

I would appreciate a contact name and address together with e.mail address and price of this particular aircraft. The seating capacity is what we are after.

Susan Yuce


Susan Yuce, e-mail, 15.02.2007 11:17

Please could you let me have further details of small passenger aircraft together with prices with the view of purchasing.
Kind regards.
Susan Yuce
Fax: 90 212 216 2531


avia.russian.ee, 15.02.2007 13:27

Try to find it at the manufacturer's website:



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