Embraer ERJ-140


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Embraer ERJ-140

Launched 30 September 1999 at the European Regional Airline Association annual meeting in Paris; first flight of prototype, modified from prototype ERJ-135, 27 June 2000; public debut at Farnborough International Air Show July 2000; Brazilian CTA and FAA certification achieved in June and 26 July 2001 respectively; first delivery to American Eagle late July 2001.


ERJ-140ER: Standard version. Engineering designation EMB-135KE.

ERJ-140LR: Long-range version. Engineering designation EMB-135KL.

Embraer ERJ-140A three-view drawing (676 x 200)

bill, 20.06.2011 07:01

Master Planning Documents for maintenance work cards would also be a great asset.


Don Cope, e-mail, 22.12.2006 01:59

I would appreciate all information that is available on the 135 /140 /145 airframes, systems and engines. I am among a group seeking to open an FAA approved Part 145 Repair Station within the next few months. Items like familiarization courses for mechanics, structural and avionics, ATA spec 104, levels 2, 3 and 4. I used to be the senior instructional systems developer on the Rolls-Royce AE3007 gas turbine engines. Any and all info across the entire aircraft and systems would be appreciated. If there is a cost involved for this info, please advise. Master Planning Documents for maintenance work cards would also be a great asset.
Don Cope


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