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Embraer ERJ-135

Launched 16 September 1997; two pre-series EKJ-145s modified to create two prototype ERJ-135s; roll-out 12 May 1998, followed by first flight 4 July 1998; public debut at Farnborough Air Show September 1998; second aircraft, flown 24 September 1998, for systems testing before conversion to production standard in March 1999. Brazilian CTA certification achieved in June 1999; FAA certification 15 July 1999. First delivery 23 July 1999 to Continental Express; other early aircraft to American Eagle.


ERJ-135: Regional airliner. Available from the outset in 135ER and 135LR versions.

EMB-135BJ Legacy: Corporate version.

Total of 122 firm commercial orders and seven options by 1 January 2004. Additionally, one VIP-configured ERJ-135LR handed over to Greek Air Force on 7 January 2000 and two, also in VIP configuration, to the Belgian Air Force on 4 June and in August 2001, for operation by No. 21 Squadron at Melsbroek with two similarly configured ERJ-145s. Deliveries have been 16 in 1999, 45 in 2000, 27 in 2001, three in 2002 and 14 in 2003.

Embraer ERJ-135A three-view drawing (666 x 214)

Embraer ERJ-135

Barry, 18.07.2016 18:21

Power plant 2 x Rolls Royce AE=3007 A1 turbo fan rated at 7,800 lb thrust.

ERJ 135 LR

Span 65'9" Length 86'5" Height 22'2"
Empty weight 35,273 lb Max take off weight 44,092 lb

Max cruising speed 515 mph Range 2,275 miles
Service ceiling 37,000 ft

Accommodation Crew 3 Passengers 37


guba, 20.06.2011 05:43

First delivery 23 July 1999 to Continental Express; other early aircraft to American Eagle.


David Ajanaku, e-mail, 10.11.2009 20:22

Looking for an aircraft ERJ 135 VIP Configured for immediate lease. Only serious dealers required.


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