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A highly versatile and affordable single-place helicopter, the "Skylark" can be flown in the Experimental Aircraft category. Although this is one of the more affordable homebuilts, the airframe along with all major components have been designed for quality, dependability and durability.

Features of the "Skylark":

  • Full helicopter flight: vertical take-offs & landings; forward, backward & sideward flight; hovering.
  • Standard helicopter control system
  • All-aluminum main- & tail-rotor blades
  • Aircraft-grade steel & aluminum airframe & major components, plus all AN hardware
  • Full instrumentation



Technical data for "Skylark"

Engine:Rotax 582 rated 65hp, rotor diameter: 5.79m, length: 5.33m, take-off weight: 327kg, empty weight: 158kg, payload: 170kg, maximum speed: 153km/h, cruise speed: 113km/h, rate of climb: 5m/s, ceiling: 3750m


timothy, e-mail, 17.04.2017

I want to know how much for a 4 seater and I live in Kansas and I wonder if I need licens to fly the copter or do I have to have some one to teach me how to fly it and I want to know how much for one because I am trying to find a cheaper way to fly to work and back

joseph williams, e-mail, 16.12.2016

how much does kit cost

Mayukh, e-mail, 06.04.2016

I want to make this helicopter.So will you please give some technical data and all about the mechanical Part of this air craft

sarang, e-mail, 27.03.2016

2 Strock 150 cc 5 engine instol and make helicopter .can possibel

Jean-Louis Noel, e-mail, 06.01.2016

What is the RPM of the main rotor?

Tamilvanan, e-mail, 26.11.2015

hai, iam from India how much cost for the complete set

Almutairi Abdulrazaq, e-mail, 31.08.2015

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ngszddq, e-mail, 30.08.2015

I am in China, how to get this

ngszddq, e-mail, 30.08.2015

Me and a few of my friends would be very intrested in this product.

Fred, e-mail, 19.04.2015

how much for complete set?

basaznew, e-mail, 16.04.2015

i like this helicopter and i need to buy this helicopter. so how can i get it.

micktarjick, e-mail, 14.04.2015

I'm from Malaysia..I love helicopter very much...if anybody want to make an investment in developing sports helicopter in Malaysia.... Welcome...I'm very interested with..I don't have fund..but I can provide place,developing permit and other facility...I'll give high commitment in developing this flying machine...

Jared, e-mail, 12.03.2015

I believe the Skylark helicopter is a copy of the CH-4 that was built by Augusto Cicar. Check out this post:

Cesar A Grand A, e-mail, 09.01.2015

Soy un aficionado a la aeronautica,desde hace mucho ando detras de los planos de este maravilloso helicoptero ligero Vortech SkyLark y el cual estoy interesado en construir,es practico,maniobrable y de facil mantenimiento.Agradesco toda informacion para obtenerlos.Quizas no me respondan,pero tengo la satisfaccion de comunicar mi interes por el aparato.Gracias.Estare atento

Robert, e-mail, 03.11.2014

How much dose a kit go for

sachudev, e-mail, 08.05.2014

how much the kit goes for. and how do i get one?

Robert Stubbs, e-mail, 15.04.2014

Would. Like to know how much it cost

lord malcolm, e-mail, 26.03.2014

hi there
evry one ask how much it for kit so how much is it
i would like oneso how to get intouch

fred davison, e-mail, 19.07.2012

please e mail more info end pricing thanks

Gervasio, e-mail, 15.07.2012

I live in Brazil would like to know the value of this kit helicopter. thank you

Janusz Bialas, e-mail, 29.04.2012

Hi, how much does it cost? If price would be acceptable, I will find many buyers in Poland.
Best wishes

a, 04.04.2012

post a vid of it actuallu flying on youtube

Glen, e-mail, 10.01.2012

I bought a Helicopter from Joe Levin years ago and never got it. I contacted his advertisers and every u/l and p/r chapter and basically had to harrase him into giving my money back Although I had to take payments from him over 2c years. He filed bankruptcy and change the company from helicraft to vortec. He cannot be trusted

shoes, e-mail, 19.09.2011

do this come in two seater. if yes how much they cost. single or double seaterl.

Dave B., e-mail, 29.06.2011

Are there any provisions for an alternate engine choice that would utilize the heavier four stroke variety? Dads don't let their children fly two strokers in helicopters. What other engine would work?

polo, e-mail, 15.06.2011

Please tell me what is the engine gear box and what is belt reduction too. Please help.

mahesh, e-mail, 21.03.2011

I would like to build one such piece, will you please give some technical data regarding swash plate, rotor blades, tail rotor etc., awaiting your valued reply my e-mail is:

mahesh, e-mail, 21.03.2011

I would like to build one such piece, will you please give some technical data regarding swash plate, rotor blades, tail rotor etc., awaiting your valued reply

Sterling Phillips, e-mail, 18.03.2011

I am interested in purchasing a Vortech Skylark. Will you have one on display at Sun & Fun this year? I want to check it out before ordering.

qazi ajmal, e-mail, 20.11.2010

hi to all flying friend i m qazi ajmal from Pakistan. my father make homemade trike in Pakistan. we have a project of helicopter. we need only main rotor blades for our single seat helicopter....if any one have used rotor blades do reply me on my email address...

muse, e-mail, 23.10.2010

what is the type of the main rotor system??
is it semirigid rotor system or rigid??

杰米, e-mail, 04.09.2010


杰米, e-mail, 04.09.2010


杰米, e-mail, 04.09.2010


Ken, e-mail, 29.06.2010

Plans for aircraft came from Cicare in Buenos Aires.Engine type and mounting left up to builder. I built the unit you see in the pictures back in '89. Never did collect all money owed from Levin. Anyone know where he is?

hou, e-mail, 08.06.2010

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Chris howlett, e-mail, 26.04.2010

I have spoken with Joel @ Vortech on many occasions he seems to be well informed about his product and has even instructed me to stay away from certian aircraft, as far as this ship being a "Death Trap" or "Flying Coffin" I really think that the major problems are due to builders thinking that they know more than the designers and making changes to the aircraft, such as the gentkeman who wished to know how to make this ship into a two seater, well, it was never ment to be a two seater, but I bet we'll all hear about how crappy the ship is after he builds a two seater and kill himself!!! you know the old saying, if you dont like it, leave it!!

tom j Hand, e-mail, 12.01.2010

yes can I build this from -useing your plans and useing raw materal ? and about the eng -how about the cost or can i buy all and put it together

Dan, e-mail, 09.10.2009

Please tell me what is the engine gear box and what is belt reduction too. Please help.

tom j Hand, e-mail, 17.09.2009

yes whats the cost to build a two seat,

wj, e-mail, 31.07.2009

Hi!How much does the skylark freight transportation go to China, Sichuan to want?Thank

Christian von Delius, e-mail, 20.06.2009

This appears to be exactly the same as the Furia. Someone copied someone and the Vortech skylark plans are identical to the furia. Does anyone know of completed Skylarks or Furia's? The Skylark is at:
and the Furia is at:
You can discuss your finds/knowledge at:
Yahoo group Helicopter_Forum or email me..

zunaid, e-mail, 02.05.2009

kindly advise on whether plans are available/kits and approx completion costs (usd)

Ricardo Aranda, e-mail, 23.04.2009

hola me gustaria conocer el costo del kit saludos a todos especialmente a Argentinos.-

mako, e-mail, 03.02.2009

This aircraft, there are several power. What sets of materials prices, can also be used, please contact me. From China, Thank you

steve, e-mail, 30.11.2008

Ive personally seen 2 of these kits crash and it was due to tail rotor failure in one instance and pilot error [gross] in the other. both persons survived though one was hurt badly. I saw the comment about the metal type and quality used in the kits. This may have been a problem in the past but I believe most parts have been re- texted and designed correctly. however , any oversight in construction or lack of building knowledge can easily lead to a fatal in flight falure. Recommend A@P background and exstensive parachuting experience for added saftey in case of in flight problems and high flight testing.Most pilots underestimate the practicality of these extra steps to insure your survivability just in case

M.Shaickly, e-mail, 14.11.2008

Pls forward detailed map and bill me for;a-Map. b-Kit including engine and avionics

jim parham, e-mail, 02.05.2008

you better think twice before spending your hard earn dollars,on one of these,from what i heard its a flying coffin.

ceri, e-mail, 07.04.2008

Stay far away from these clowns a vortec!!! The vessel are extremely unsafe and have the higest death tolls of ANY experimental aircraft sold. Their blades are for GYROS not helis. They are made of the lowest grade non-aviation nor FAA aproved metals or methods of fabrication. They are unrealistcally cheap for a reason!! A heli cheaper than a the cheapest new car in the US? You've got to think something is funny there. The power to wieght ratios these guys use are only certifiable in the US and 12 other contries, most in Africa and the rest in Asia, none in Canada, Central & South America or EU.

Edwin, e-mail, 02.03.2008

Im looking for a secondhand skylark, with plans, or even an unfinished project. Thanking u Edwin

Dan Down under, e-mail, 24.10.2007

Hi is it possible to get these things shiped to newzealand.
Me and a few of my friends would be very intrested in this product.

joe, e-mail, 27.08.2007

the kit is available through a company called vortech. they are located in P.A., U.S.A.
I think it costs around $10,000 U.S. dollars. This guy offers several similar kits. you can do a yahoo search with the words "vortech homebuilt helicopter" to fnd them

pat james, e-mail, 10.08.2007

could you sell a set of blue prints.and how mutch would they cost? thanks.

pat james, e-mail, 10.08.2007

could you sell a set of blue prints.and how mutch would they cost? thanks.

FARDIN, e-mail, 23.07.2007

I am from IRAN.
Is there a plans available , how much?
my email is

Leonardo de Souza, e-mail, 15.07.2007

How much?

KOSTAS PAPPAS, e-mail, 09.06.2007

Goodmorning from Larissa in central GREECE.Please,tell me how cost this helicopter in EURO and if is good to flight.
How to sale from Greece and i want many imformation and video to flight. Thanks

tom sheehy, e-mail, 30.04.2007

hello im verry interested do this come in two seater if yes how much is there plans for sale

Werner, e-mail, 27.04.2007

How much for the unit and where can I get one.

rhett, e-mail, 07.04.2007

where in the world do i get one is it under $14,000 if its not i found a diffrent one

John Chalinder, e-mail, 27.03.2007

Please send promotional literature to:
John Chalinder
330 3rd Ave W Apt 212
Kalispell, MT 59901
Thank You

gev, e-mail, 26.03.2007

hello. im very interested. do this come in two seater. if yes how much they cost. single or double seaterl.

Nate, e-mail, 25.02.2007

Me Too Me Tooo, That looks fun not that I even have a flying license I could check that out too.

james, e-mail, 23.02.2007

how much is hthat dogyyy in the windowww?!

the Bruce, e-mail, 28.01.2007

yah! Jesse seems to be asking the right questions on all the helicopter sites, how much is it going to cost?

Kevin Ford, e-mail, 17.01.2007

How much and where are they at. Thanks

jesse, e-mail, 31.12.2006

u never put up here how much the kit goes for. and how do i get one?

raymond, e-mail, 24.12.2006

how much is a kit

Jeffrey, e-mail, 20.12.2006

How much?

Don, e-mail, 12.12.2006

Same here how much an where can it be found
Thanx Don

Joe McDaniel, e-mail, 06.12.2006

Hello. How much does a kit go for? Thanks - Joe

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