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After selling three "Elete" helicopters, the company finally succumbed to financial challenges and was soon purchased by a former customer, John Netherwood, a businessman from England. The new company recognized the design hurdles of the "Elete" and promptly set out to address making the proven "Exec" model a better aircraft to sell. With invaluable input from the employees themselves, the work began.

The "Exec" was reviewed from top to bottom. Any and all suggestions from the experienced staff were considered, evaluated and many implemented. Extensive redesigning was done and when all was complete, 21 items were changed or improved including the aerodynamics, drive train, stability and power.

The engine was once more a primary area of improvement, a task made even easier by the fact that RotorWay had been engineering and manufacturing their own engine for years by this time. The RI 162 cubic inch engine was specifically designed for rotorcraft flight and possessed an incredibly light weight to horsepower ratio. Extended life limits were added to the chains, belts, rotor system and asymmetrical blades.

Improvements were made in every aspect of the aircraft including the method of packing and organizing the kit, the manuals, and the customer service program to assist the builder with technical information. Many critical systems were then assembled by RotorWay itself, almost all of the fabrication completed for the builder. All of the welding was now done at the factory as well. The rotor blades required little more than finishing touches. The tailboom had been formed and riveted and was ready for inspection covers to be fitted and mounted on the airframe. The wiring harness was assembled and tested, coming ready for installation.

The Exec 90 was the only piston-powered helicopter at the time to utilize an asymmetrical airfoil for improved autorotation characteristics and safety. The Exec 90 also utilized a unique drive system, eliminating an expensive transmission, metal chip detectors and possible in-flight failures. With all of this in place, the expected build time with the standard kit was about 500 hours. A quick build kit was soon offered, cutting that time nearly in half. Eventually, the quick build kit became the only way in which to purchase the helicopter. Pilot and passenger load was 180ëï with a normal cruise of 153km/h and a maximum airspeed of 185km/h.

Rotorway International

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I'm from Malaysia..I love helicopter very much...if anybody want to make an investment in developing sports helicopter in Malaysia.... Welcome...I'm very interested with..I don't have fund..but I can provide place,developing permit and other facility...I'll give high commitment in developing this flying machine...

David, e-mail, 18.02.2015

I really like this helicopter, would you send me more

Ivan, e-mail, 29.01.2014

Don't mess with a governor it flys fine makes you a better pilot you are well aware of what's going on under the hood, if you pick a power setting in the cruse the control the rpm with the collective then you will not chase the rpm on the throttle

shoes, e-mail, 19.09.2011

who can give me information on what to buy

shoes, e-mail, 16.06.2011

who can give me information on what to buy

alfredo, e-mail, 15.05.2011

me gustaría comprar un de eses pero de turbina, cuales son mejor turbina o pistón, estoy indeciso, mas no me gustaría gastar mucho, gracias

Ivan Bedford, e-mail, 26.09.2010

Thats my helicopter G-NEEL flys great no need for a governor you just fly the helicoper.

Ivan Bedford, e-mail, 26.09.2010

Thats my helicopter G-NEEL flys great no need for a governor you just fly the helicoper.

Don, e-mail, 07.09.2010

Put a TURBINE in da hole,same cost as the piston poper.Mo Power!

Brooks Cooley, e-mail, 03.05.2009

I have a governor system for the Rotorway Exec90, 162F and Talon helicopters. It is available at my web site and can be securely ordered by Google Checkout. My site for the Electronic Governor System is or at my home page

carlos vega, e-mail, 10.03.2009

hola tengo un excec 90 tiene aproximadamente 4 años guardado en el hangar, me pueden dar informacion de que chequeos son los mas importantes para poder ponerlo a volar con seguridad y en donde puedo comprar partes de repuesto de antemano gracias

alessandro, e-mail, 07.11.2008

I want to install a governor in my ROTORWAY 90, who can give me information on what to buy

Jorge Silveira, e-mail, 03.08.2008

Boa tarde, estou interessado em montar um helicoptero experimental, gostaria de obter mais informações osbre o projeto Rotorway Exec 90.
Custo das plantas e envio para o Brasil.

FARDIN, e-mail, 23.07.2007

I am from IRAN.
Is there a plans available , how much?
my email is

marc, e-mail, 08.03.2007

what is the price?

Do you have any comments concerning this aircraft ?

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