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Performance Aviation Manufacturing Group (PAM) from Williamsburg, Virginia was founded in 1998 and is developing an individual lifting vehicle.


TYPE: Lifting vehicle.

PROGRAMME: Project initiated October 1989; construction of prototype started January 1993; first flight (N6172N) June 1994, powered by single engine; rebuilt with two Hirth engines and reilown May 1998; FAA certification April 1999. A total of 50 hours (tethered and free) flown between 1994 and mid-1999; over 120 hours had been accumulated by July 2002,


  • РАМ 100В: As described.
  • РАМ 200: Kitbuilt version of РАМ 100B.
  • РАМ 100T: Turbine-powered (JFS-100-13) version of РАМ-100В with 37.9 litre fuel capacity. Empty weight 263kg.
  • UAV: Unmanned military version, powered by two JFS-100-13 turbines; design started in December 2001 and by August 2003 airframe had been constructed.
  • EEV: Emergency egress version with projected useful load of 159kg over range of 138km.
  • Flying Shoe II: Projected small version powered by micro-turbine-engine.

COSTS: Kit US$50,500, including engines

DESIGN FEATURES: Two co-axial counter-rotating two-blade, ground-adjustable pitch rotors mounted below main open-frame structure. Rotor section NACA 0012, constant; no twist; end caps. Rotor speed 1,150rpm. Tip speed 168m/s. Two small propellers at ends of cross-tubes provide directional control.

FLYING CONTROLS: Kinesthetic control for pitch and roll functions; manual throttle on engine for vertical control; two small propellers for directional control.

STRUCTURE: Tubular main structure. Rotors of extruded 6063T6 aluminium; aluminium flexure rotor hub.

LANDING GEAR: Fixed skid type.

POWER PLANT: Two 78.3kW Hirth F30A flat-four, two-stroke engines with two-spur 1:2.64 reduction gear on each engine; over-running and centrifugal clutches on transmission. Fuel in two tanks, total capacity 26.5 litres.

ACCOMMODATION: One person, standing within protective tubular framework.

Jane's All the World's Aircraft, 2004-2005


Technical data for PAM-100B

Rotor diameter: 2.79m, height overall: 2.59m, skid track: 3.05m, max. take-off weight: 431kg, empty weight: 300kg, max fuel: 20kg, max level speed: 97km/h, max cruising speed: 72km/h, service ceiling: 1830m, range with max fuel: 40km


adel khatib, e-mail, 02.08.2013reply

Dear SIr

Im looking for such and one person helicopter , is there any one for sale ? or an engine for sale ?
Thank you

Adel khatib
+961 3 87 85 86

Juan Manuel Medina Ruiz, e-mail, 07.01.2014reply

My English is not very well
Respetuosamente me dirijo a ustedes,ya que requerimos nos pudieran ampliar la info.respecto a sus plataformas ,ya que tenemos unas torres FIRE FIGTHING TOWERS y estamos inetrezados en utilizar sus modulos de vuelo. Saludos ceo cps global

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allah akbar, e-mail, 28.12.2009reply

Dear Gino "gizio"

Thank you for all the information and plans you sent to me.

Your designs will soon make many infidels pay for their crimes against Allah and insults to Islam.

Praise Muhammad

Peragine, e-mail, 31.05.2009reply

Very fun looking vehicle. The future car!

taddy, e-mail, 05.11.2008reply

feel sorry if it rains hah haaaa dude take a umbrella when flying.

maxwell, e-mail, 18.01.2008reply

is this aircraft made using advancded materials such as carbonfiber?

zach, 15.10.2007reply

looks cool

bob, e-mail, 09.07.2007reply

How much for the 100B minus the motors now?

Eetu, 29.04.2007reply

this is really cool

Gino d'Ignazio "gizio", e-mail, 25.04.2007reply

Hi ,I'm the designer of the new Flying platform developed for the Pam Group according with Bob Pegg Chief enegeneer of the firm, please come to visit my site where you can download more pictures about the future commercial version of the platform. Besided in the same site there is the first european flying car project pubblished by me since september 2001 on the web. Well your site is very interesting , I'm a VTOL desinger and I see that you are as well interested to the argument, congratulation for your good job, please keep in touch.

Capt Gino d'Ignazio "gizio" http: / /

andrew sunnbody, 04.02.2007reply

yes dude im gnna build this i love you

andrew sunnbody, 04.02.2007reply

yes dude im gnna build this i love you

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