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In addition to helicopter maintenance and modification, Hillberg Helicopters offers the RotorMouse EH 1-01 as a single-seat turbine experimental-category helicopter for construction from a kit (first flown August 1993), RotorMouse EH 1-02 tandem two-seat version, and RotorMouse (Baby Huey) four-seater. Also built the T-4 Turbine as a four-seat turbine helicopter (not in production at time of writing), and produces a retrofit kit for the RotorWay Exec to provide a turbine engine (first flown 1997).

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Don Hillberg, e-mail, 17.03.2020

Over 100 conversion kits sold - Turbine power rules!
Kit #98 was test flown by me the inventor of the Jet Exec!
Kiss has done well in its production best wishes to Dave D.
Miss Walter.
Kit # 98 was the 1st with a manual throttle back up. Works great.

Don Hillberg, e-mail, 30.08.2010

sept.2010 Happy Day...Good day to all.

bassam, e-mail, 23.06.2010

good bay

Don Hillberg, e-mail, 07.05.2010

Im starting to build a 4 place based on the basic shape of the exec,but with a better fuslage,four blade system,Look at you tube and Oshkosh 1995 or see rotorway owners group for pix on my latest project

dd, e-mail, 25.07.2009

Alguien sabe donde comprar uno en España.
Comprar helicoptero-ultraligero 2 o mas plazas en España.
Where to buy one in Spain? thank you.

Francis Fontoura, e-mail, 14.01.2008

Nice helicopter, I loved it congratulations - Francis Fontoura - Brazil

Don Hillberg, e-mail, 31.10.2007

For information call Kiss Aviation or me.
You Buy a RoterWay and The kit changes the drive system:-)

jarle, e-mail, 19.02.2007

Kit is for sale at Best kit on the marked!
costs $67750

Øystein, e-mail, 09.01.2007

Is the exec 162f with turbine for sale as a kit some where?

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