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Cicare CH-4

The CH-4 is a single-seat, ultra-light helicopter. It is the first one in the ultra-light category built with the same mechanics solutions employed in the normal-weight category helicopters. The engine is a two-stroke, two opposite cylinders, developed by Augusto using some components of motorcycle engines.

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Technical data for Cicare CH-4

Crew: 1, engine: 1 x Cicare 2-cylinder pistone engine, rated at 40kW, rotor diameter: 6.00m, length with rotors turning: 7.53m, fuselage length: 6.0m, height: 2.0m, width: 1.60m, take-off weight: 270kg, empty weight: 135kg, max speed: 130km/h, cruising speed: 100km/h, hovering ceiling, OGE: 2100m range: 480km/h,

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two opposite cylinders, developed by Augusto using some components of motorcycle engines.

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who sell the kit of this helicopter.

nabirasool, e-mail, 02.08.2010

i need photos of this ch-4 helicopter with cad diagrams

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who sell the kit of this helicopter ?
Thank you

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