Back Bensen B-9 "Little Zipster"

Bensen "Little Zipster"

A light-weight single-seater with a 60 or 70hp Mercury engine and twin 2-blade coaxial rotors.

Bensen Little Zipster"

Technical data for "Little Zipster"

Engine: 1 x Mercury rated at 55kW, upper/lower rotor diameter: 6.70/6.10m, length: 3.50m, height: 2.60m, take-off weight: 318kg, empty weight: 204kg, max speed: 128km/h, cruising speed: 96km/h, service ceiling: 3350m, range: 160km

Bensen B-9 "Little Zipster"

Robert Hephner, e-mail, 05.06.2020reply

I got the plans today and went over then. The three drawings that came with it looked realy good but had a of info. missing. going to be rough but I'll try to make. Wish me luck

Jerold L. Hook, e-mail, 01.11.2020 Robert Hephner

Where did you find plans for the little zipster? I would like to get a set if possible. If you have any information I am interested. Thank8


Dan, e-mail, 20.09.2014reply

Cool idea for a helicopter. Seems the 1950's was crazy for helicopters!

Dan, e-mail, 20.09.2014reply

Cool idea for a helicopter. Seems the 1950's was crazy for helicopters!

Song jihui, e-mail, 09.06.2012reply

HI,I am a fan of this Bensen B-9 "Little Zipster".Because i have no enough money to buy one,I want to make it by myself.Can you give me some suggestions? thank you very much!

Ken Briz, e-mail, 14.10.2012reply

Kenny Bx 57years old Metal Fabricator / finding NOW is A good time to MAKE THIS HAPPEN...
Live in Northern Colorado - Fort Collins with Many Resources SHOP,TOOLS,EQUIPMENT,TIME&MONEY(at the same time)
Please Respond
Thank You Kenny Bx

robert Biesiada, e-mail, 16.05.2010reply

Hello, I'm studding helicopter aerodynamics and i 'll like discover how works coaxial helicopter .I’m looking for co-axial main rotor head details and drawings. I would really appreciate to get a sample of this ultra-light plans.I think he could be more stable if he was more compact.

Robert from Jardin- France.

Chris Attridge, e-mail, 06.10.2008reply

Vortech, inc. P.O.Box 511 Fallston, MD. 21047 USA.

Joe Bucci, e-mail, 06.10.2008reply

I got the plans from Vortech Inc. poBox 511, Fallston, Md. 21047 USA.

carlos gaviria, e-mail, 04.08.2008reply

Hola me gustaria tener mas fotos, y planos de este helicoptero para armarlo escala 1 /48 por favor donde las consigo.

kiran, e-mail, 20.04.2009reply

will u send me model sketch of your project let me know something about your project please

Joe Bucci, e-mail, 16.09.2007reply

Hi my name is Joe Bucci I have a set of plans for the little zipster. A` friend of mine is a aircraft builder (one of the best) i think he said it is not real stable this friend of mine knew Bensen he was one of the first ones in P.R.A when they started it. Send me a E-mail i will tell you where to get the plans and i will have Frank contact you,(if you wish) Frank builds mostly rotorcraft he will make parts for fixswing also he is excellent with rotorcraft, Thanks again Joe Bucci

Chris Attridge, e-mail, 24.01.2007reply

Do you know where to obtain construction plans for the " little zipster " ? I would love to see the drive line in this aircraft .

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