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Bensen B-8 Gyro-Glider

The Gyro-Glider is a simple unpowered rotor-kite which can be towed behind even a small motor car. It is available as either a completed aircraft or kit of parts for amateur construction. Alternatively, would-be constructors can purchase a set of plans, with building and flying instructions. No pilot's licence is required to fly it in the United States and many hundreds of kits and plans have been sold. Application has been made for an Approved Type Certificate.

The original Model B-7 Gyro-Glider was described in the 1958-59 edition of this work. It has been followed by the Model B-8, which is offered as either a single-seater or two-seater, the latter version being suitable for use as a pilot trainer.

The Model B-8 consists basically of an inverted square-section tubular aluminium T-frame structure, of which the forward arm supports the lightweight seat, towing arm, rudder bar and landing gear nose-wheel. The rear arm supports a large stabilising fin and rudder, with the main landing gear wheels carried on a tubular axle near the junction of the T-frame. The free-turning two-bladed rotor is universally-mounted at the top of the T-frame and is operated directly by a hanging-stick control. It is claimed that the entire aircraft can be made from commercial tubing, wood and locally-available materials.

Jane's All the World's Aircraft, 1959-60

Technical data for B-8 Gyro-Glider

Main rotor diameter: 6.1m, fuselage length: 3.45m, height: 1.90m

nissanka abeyratne, e-mail, 07.01.2017reply

Ah! I found video on b8 kiting- see El Mirage Wind Power!. Thanks Nissanka.

nissanka abeyratne, e-mail, 07.01.2017reply

Ah! I found video on b8 kiting- see El Mirage Wind Power!. Thanks Nissanka.

nissanka, e-mail, 07.09.2014reply

I have bought the above complete plans. Since I want to do kiting at sea beach where u get 20 mph wind without the engine. Is this possible One demonstration given in the manual. Any furthur refinement by fixing 30cc 2 stroke engine to rotors affect lift.Jump take off model has this.

kenny, e-mail, 24.03.2011reply

i have a old bensen gyro and the bearing that supports the rotors is bad, does anyone know the best place to get a replacement?

Andrew Mubiru, e-mail, 06.10.2013reply

Good innovation and am very much interested in owning one

k.sudhakaran, e-mail, 07.09.2011reply

I would like to build one of these machines, but do not know where to get plans for the B-7. Can anyone help.

donald palmer, e-mail, 29.10.2012reply

i need plans for b8 gyroglider.

Don Archer, e-mail, 14.06.2008reply

In 1955, our club, The Portland, Oregon Water Ski Club sent for a kit and built a gyro-boat and flew it in our water ski shows. It was a big hit. I just ran across a clipping from the local newspaper. Would you like to have a copy?

kiran, e-mail, 20.04.2009reply

will u send me model sketch of your project let me know something about your project please

talib, e-mail, 17.05.2007reply

can it be fatal to fly it ?

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